Deep talks

Welcome to Deep talks – a collection of sessions and interviews with thought leaders in the transformation towards a zero-emission future.

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LKAB at Expo 2020

Deep talks started out as livestreamed sessions from the mine during the World Exhibition Expo 2020. In three different talks between thought leaders, LKAB showcased strategically important areas in the transformation of our industry.


Darja Isaksson

Darja Isaksson

“Swedish industry understands that future demand lies in solutions to the global challenges”

Tomas Naucler

Tomas Naucler

“LKAB and northern Sweden are taking the lead, setting the ambition, showing the way forward.”

Anna Borg

Anna Borg

“The biggest risk of the future is not moving towards a sustainable business model.”


Emma Härdmark, Christina Wanhainen, Tomas Naucler and Leif Boström.

Minerals for Change

A zero-emission future starts in the mine.

Helena Hedblom, Björn Jonsson and Darja Isaksson

Digital, autonomous and electric

Setting a new world standard for mining.

Anna Borg, Martin Pei and Bo Krogvig

Fossil-free steel and beyond

Enabling a carbon free world economy.